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The In Your Face Truth about Network Marketing:
How I Was Wrong and How You Can Learn From My Mistakes

By Scott Lucas (c) 2003,

It's interesting to hear people's opinions about Network Marketing. There are some people that think it's a pyramid scheme, a scam, not a profession, or that it does not work. SHAME ON THEM! If only these same people got educated about the industry, they would think differently.

The people I'm referring to are the people who have been exposed to our industry either directly, they've been approached in the past or indirectly, they know of someone who was in Network Marketing, or was also exposed.

This is sickening! Uncle Harry tells you it's illegal and that you've been brainwashed into thinking you can be successful in Network Marketing. Your landlord thinks it's one of those "pyramid things" and that Network Marketing doesn't work, and your friend Marty says, "Your doing one of those things AGAIN?!"

Two of the above situations happened to me. No, I don't have a Uncle Harry. First of all, my landlord is closed-minded and doesn't care to know the truth. Now don't get me wrong, I don't say that to poke fun but to illustrate how there are other people like my landlord. I once heard that the truth shall set you free. Lets just hope they accept the truth.

As for Marty, that was a legitimate question. I've been in the marketing industry off and on for 5 years. My first experience was direct marketing traveling the East Coast, business to business, selling an all natural degreaser. I spent 3 months BROKE, living and mooching off the company, and only sold 1 case of 12 bottles the entire time. It was a very interesting experience and one I will never forget.

I did direct marketing again selling vacuums for about two months and sold NOTHING, then I tried once more selling a pendant and ID card that was used to retrieve personal and medical information electronically. I sold NOTHING

So I tried Network Marketing. The first company I was with is over 30 years old and is on the NYSE. First I was a customer then I became a distributor, and I still use the service today. I have saved money using this service and will continue to do so. For about 7 months, I only sold one plan to my mother-in-law and that was that. It was with this company that I was introduced to self-development or self-help. The training, support and resources were ALL there but one thing was missing - my REASONS! So I ended up QUITTING.

During my next venture in Network Marketing, I was going to college to earn an Associates Degree in Computer Networking. I was learning to become a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I was doing great, fantastic and on my way until I let myself get DISTRACTED. Four months before the end date of college, I came across another company. The pay plan was awesome... the people were great and supportive... I paid a total of $600 to attend three seminars and I felt great. But something happened. I had a lot of products in my basement and was using the products, but I lost BELIEF.

I was off the path! Oh my God! I also had thousands worth of products that were just sitting there collecting dust! What the hell was I going to do? Well, I did NOTHING.

In between companies, I dabbled with Internet Marketing. Buying courses, ebooks, programs, websites, audios, videos, reports and almost anything learning how to have a profitable home based business. There were so many "gurus" and self-proclaimed "who doners" (those who said they've done it, but really haven't).

Within a 5 year period I had invested $15,000 and felt lost, confused, aggravated, frustrated but more importantly shame. I was ashamed of myself because I was a FAILURE. I felt as if I failed myself, and others were there NOT to boost me up but to say, "I told you so" (in a nutshell). Though very few of my family and friends knew about my experiences, the few who knew was enough.

I was wrong!! I should not have felt ashamed even though I was confused, aggravated, lost and frustrated. With so many Network Marketing companies and Internet Marketing courses, how could ANYONE make an educated decision to learn ONE system and stick with it? Multiple streams of income? Which ones do I choose? The ad copy looks great and is compelling me to buy but should I buy ANOTHER ebook, program or course when I haven't even APPLIED what I've learned from all the others? That's if I took the time to read it.

I was blaming everything and everyone for MY failure! I fell VICTIM to the myth that all I had to do is position myself in front of a trend and the money would come to me. That all I had to do was sit in my underwear, on the couch, send some postcards every now and then and watch the money roll in. My victim mentality was getting me, my family, my dreams, my hope and future in Network Marketing NO WHERE!

Do not make the same mistakes I have made. If you are still reading this, thank you and god bless you. That tells me one of three things:

1) You have the victim mentality and you're still doing what I've done for the past 5 years.

2) You've been there and done that and have found the path.

3) You're looking for a way out of the victim mentality and have not found the path.

If you're still confused, aggravated, lost and frustrated then I know how you feel. If you've been there and done that and have found the path, you're a good student! If you have the victim mentality but are looking for a way out but have not found the path, this is what I've found out.

I used to feel that the more I knew, the more money I would make. What I found is that it's NOT TRUE. The more you know about marketing from more than ONE PERSON, the more likely you are to be confused, aggravated, frustrated and lost. Why? Because you're learning from more than person about the same subject when both of them give you completely different answers. How else would you explain buying all those ebooks, courses and programs about Internet Marketing? Have you read all of them? I was guilty of doing this to.

To be a good student, one must find a teacher or mentor and MODEL what they did to reach their GOALS. Notice I said "a" teacher or mentor. This means ONE person, not two or more.

Very few people understand the concept of modeling and goal setting when it comes to a profitable business, whether it be Network Marketing or Internet Marketing. I know I did because I just wanted to know how to make money.

The SECRET to making money in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or any business is a mandatory law that very few marketers know, or will share with the masses because this law will break their business or will change your victim mentality into a success mentality.

ALL successful people had a MENTOR and those who want to be successful in marketing, have to have a mentor. This is a law, a mandatory principle to your success. If you continue breaking this law, as I once did, you will have similar results in your marketing career as I once did.

For the sake of your confusion, frustration, aggravation and DEBT, either change what you're doing RIGHT NOW or STOP what you're doing all together because you will not succeed.

Scott Lucas
Elizabethtown KY
270-737-6187 (anytime)


About the Author
Scott Lucas is an up-and-coming entrepreneur that knows the mandatory law the Internet is trying to steal from you, but you don't even realize it. If you feel the Internet could be your goldmine, now is your chance to take back the 93.5%!


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