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Working Leads for your Network Marketing Business
By David Peterson

You just purchased a batch of 100 network marketing leads. These network-marketing leads are fresh. They are no more than 24-hours old. They are exclusive to you. These 100 network-marketing leads are made up of people just like you. People who want to own a home based business. People who need a home based business for a variety of reasons.

Your network-marketing leads probably came in an Excel spread sheet or a CSV file (comma delimited). If you are working leads like these for the first time you are probably taken back a little by what you are actually getting.

What you are getting is raw data. Basically this is a list of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and any other fields requested. Opening up a list like this for the first time you get the "where do I start feeling." 100 names with all of the other raw data looks like seafood gumbo at first glance. If you take a 2nd and a 3rd look at the network marketing leads you will notice there is nothing to fear. These are real people just like you.

How should you work the network marketing leads?

If you have really never sold anything before I would offer this routine for working with these network marketing leads:

1) To start write yourself an introductory script. This script will be used during your initial calls to the prospects. It should be short and brief, approximately 3-4 lines. Use it on every call. Memorize it. In the 3-4 lines tell the prospect who you are, why you are calling, and also state a very brief open ended question like: "Hi Mr. Jones my name is David Peterson. I am calling in response to the home-based business opportunity request that you filled out on August 12th. What would your honest opinion be if I told you I could hand you a home business that would be profitable the first day it opened?" The object of an opening statement is to give you a professional approach and allow the prospect to open up just a little. You want to get the prospect talking.

2) The leads are fresh so get started calling on them right away. Yes you have to call them. Start calling today. Check the area code to make sure you are not waking anyone up. (Go to for a quick reference printable area code sheet.) Although the leads are exclusive the prospect has probably filled out other lead forms as well. The quicker you call your prospects the better off you will be.

3) If you get in touch with your network-marketing prospect by phone then immediately follow up with an email campaign using your autoresponder. If you didn't get a hold of the prospect continue to call at different times throughout the day. Also start a separate autoresponder campaign for the contacts that have not been contacted. All of the autoresponder email campaigns should be geared to getting the network-marketing prospect on the phone. You need the opportunity to explain to the prospect why you need and enjoy the products. You also need the opportunity to explain how the company has personally benefited you financially and how it will benefit the prospect financially. Don't rely on email to close the deal. You can rely on email to get the prospect to the table but you will eventually have to tell your story to close the deal.

4) When you get the network marketing prospect on the phone or even in your email conversations you have to probe. Prospects don't become customers unless all of their objections to joining your organization have been cleared up. Resist the temptation to explain the entire company's philosophy. What ends up happening is you do all of the talking and the prospect is actually watching TV with the phone to his ear. Keep the prospect engaged in the conversation. Ask open ended questions to get the prospect talking about why they want a home based business. Is it money, family, commuting, rat race? What is it that made that prospect fill out the network marketing lead in the first place? If you don't get that information you will not close

5) Finally once you know why the prospect wants to be a home based business owner you have to close. Ask a lot of trail closes like: "If this program could do this would you join?" If you hear "yes" then stop talking and take the prospect straight to the signup page. In fact - why don't you enter all of the information for them so they just have to give you their credit card number? When you enter it you know it's getting done.

Finding a network marketing prospect and turning that into a network marketing customer takes leads. Once you get the leads you need to focus all of your attention on those leads. Work those network marketing prospects using a combination of email and the phone. The leads may look like seafood gumbo at first glance but those are people just like you. They just need to be sold.


David Peterson is an Internet Consultant specializing in web advertising, and technical web sales. He also owns and operates Home Business Idea focuses on providing free information for small home based businesses. David can be reached at:


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