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Ethically Choosing The Right Opportunity For You!
by Duane Housley

Much has been written about choosing the right business opportunity. Unfortunately, most of these have focused on primarily material factors -- how much money you can make, how much time will it take to make it, or how much money it will take to start. While these are important factors to consider, there are other concerns that you should have when making a decision about a business opportunity.

For most of us, making money isn't our only goal -- we would much rather make money and feel good about it. In other words, we want to feel like we are doing something special. That's why we should always take ethical factors into consideration whenever we research a business opportunity. Here are just a few things to think about:

VISION: You should always check to see if the company has a vision, and if that vision is in line with your own values. If it seems like the company's only goal is to separate customers from their cash, then it probably isn't the kind of organization you want to join.

A good rule of thumb -- if the company provides a service or product that makes YOUR life better (other than just financially) then it has the capability to make OTHER PEOPLE'S lives better -- and you can't buy the sort of satisfaction that can bring.

QUALITY: Always check to make sure that the company doesn't offer shoddy services or products. If you can be proud of what you are selling, your salesmanship will be 100 times better.

FAIRNESS: Examine the company's compensation plan and customer service. Are they fair to their employees (remember, you might become one!) and to their customers?

CREDIBILITY: The best way to make sure a company is credible is to see if it is run by credible individuals. Do the people who founded/run the company know what they are talking about? Do their values and beliefs match your own? If the answers are "yes," then you are likely to not only succeed at the opportunity, but be happy as you succeed.

Choosing a business opportunity can sometimes be tricky. Just remember, if you join an organization that you believe in -- an organization that does good and treats people with respect and consideration -- not only will you make great profits; you will find contentment.


Author Duane Housley specializes in business opportunities that make a difference. He is currently promoting the fight against degenerative diseases. To find out more about this special opportunity to do good AND make a profit, please visit his site at Duane can be reached at



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