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Can You Handle the Truth?
by Suzanne Miley

Be honest. When you read the title of this article, you thought to yourself, "of course I can handle the truth". I would have thought that, too. I've always considered myself an honest, hard working person that can pretty much handle anything.

I even thought I could handle the truth when I got involved in network marketing. But, alas, I was deluding myself. You see, the "truth" about network marketing is BORING! It's boring because you have to do some really monotonous, sometimes uncomfortable things to succeed in MLM.

Successful network marketers kept telling me the "truth". I really believed I was listening. One of my mentors, Joe Schroeder, says you must "master the mundane". I thought "no problem". Mundane is easy, right?

Wrong! Sometime in my late thirties, when I wasn't looking, I lost my patience with menial, repetitive tasks. Somehow, I would always find more interesting things to do than place ads or respond to the same questions over and over.

And, where do you think this was getting me? Nowhere! So, I had to check my ego at the door and ask for help. I had to stop spending time dreaming up "better" ways to grow my business and start doing what all the successful people in my upline were doing.

What? No creativity, no tweaking the systems, no originality? You got it!

Let me be blunt here. The only way I know to succeed in network marketing is to find a successful upline and do what they do. End of story, turn out the lights.

But, what if you're the "creative" type and you have all these great ideas to do it better? I say save them until you're successful and then test them out. Don't waste your time and money early in the game on unproven tactics. These
actions increase the chances of you getting frustrated at your lack of success and quitting. And, if you quit, you'll NEVER succeed.

So, let's recap the "boring" truth about MLM

-- You do what your successful upline does

-- You do it consistently for 3 to 5 years

-- You train your downline to do what you have done successfully

-- You become wealthy and have time to enjoy life

Now THAT'S a truth I can handle!


Copyright 2001 Suzanne Miley, All Rights Reserved

Suzanne Miley is a Network Marketer that loves to work with and help other like minded people. To reach Suzanne or for more information, go to


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