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50 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing

By Tim Goldstein

1. NO WRITTEN GOALS. Doesn't know what they want out of life. No direction or dreams. Confused and lost.

2. Wants to sponsor TOP PRODUCERS instead of learning HOW to BECOME ONE. It is better to be sponsored by a Top Producer than to sponsor one. That way, you can learn HOW a Top Producer achieves. Mentioning that your sponsor is a Top Producer is a great recruiting tool.

3. No COMMITMENT. No action.

4. UNORGANIZED. Wastes too much time looking for documents. Cluttered desk.

5. Poor RECORD KEEPING. Doesn't keep accurate record of transactions.

6. Only interested in PERSONAL PROFITS. Doesn't care about the needs of his customers and distributors.

7. No ANSWERING MACHINE or service. Can't be reached easily.

8. Doesn't RETURN CALLS promptly.

9. UNINFORMED on HOW to succeed in network marketing. Not interested.

10. Fails to keep AGREEMENTS, APPOINTMENTS and doesn't explain.

11. Doesn't FOLLOW-UP on prospects and customers. Doesn't show they care.

12.GIVES UP too soon. Usually quits in the first 90 days.

13.Gets DISCOURAGED by small problems and inconveniences. Slows down.

14.BAD MOUTHS other companies. Loses credibility as a positive person.

15.Not really SERIOUS about MLM.

16.Lacks SELF-ESTEEM. Drives around in a messy, dirty, unpolished car. Doesn't realize that prospects see this person as a person with a poor self-image.

17.LAZY. Wants to reap the rewards of his downline's efforts without working.

18.Distributes UNPROFESSIONAL, sloppy, poor copies of

19.Doesn't establish a RETAIL base with companies that have retailable products.

20.A poor EXAMPLE of the benefits of the products they represent.

21.Doesn't handle CUSTOMER or distributor COMPLAINTS.

22.Doesn't RECOGNIZE or PRAISE downline achievers. Too self-oriented.

23.Doesn't WORK their business daily.

24.RESENTFUL of upline earnings. Stops producing to prevent upline from receiving bonuses on their production. Self-defeating.

25.BLAMES the company, the products, the marketing plan, lack of support from upline, etc. Doesn't realize that if others can succeed under similar environment, they can too.Doesn't take responsibility.

26.Unrealistic EXPECTATIONS for the little effort they put out.

27.Hangs around NEGATIVE speaking people, instead of top earners. Birds of a feather flock together. Beware!

28.Too IMPATIENT. Wants to make big money too soon without being willing to put out the necessary effort.

29.Doesn't pass TIMELY INFORMATION downline immediately.

30.COMPLAINS too much and acts like an immature cry baby. A non-producer.

31.Keeps SWITCHING to other MLM companies without first achieving some degree of success. Never makes money.

32.Gets involved in CHAIN LETTERS, illegal pyramids, and other schemes.

33.Depends on SPILL-OVERS in matrix programs, instead of personal effort. Wants something for nothing.

34.Unwilling to TAKE RISKS such as investing in advertising, brochures, flyers, training, etc. Too security-oriented. Waits, watches. No guts, no glory!

35.Takes "NO" personally. No . . . only means not now. Give me a good reason to say "YES". Stops calling people.

36.Can't cope with CHANGES from the company. Not flexible in thinking.

37.Doesn't believe in or USE the products regularly. Just in it for the money.

38.Easily INFLUENCED by negative comments from family members, relatives and friends. Doesn't listen to positive side. Can't think for himself or herself.

39.Spend too much TIME getting organized and too little time talking to prospects and customers. Avoids people.

40.Expects PERFECTION from a new company without realizing that it takes time.

41.Doesn't PLAN to succeed. Plans to fail.

42.Has unprofessional APPEARANCE.

43.Always gives too many EXCUSES.

44.Thinks they KNOW EVERYTHING.

45.Doesn't READ or keep up with the latest happenings in the industry.

46.Physically UNFIT. Lacks energy.

47.Doesn't strive to do their BEST.

48.Believes in RUMORS. Doesn't check the facts. Gullible about any program.

49.LIES to look good.

50.Most importantly, doesn't truly believe that "IF IT'S TO BE, IT'S UP TO ME!"

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