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Saturation Is A Myth That Is Costing You A Fortune
by David Ledoux, Founder

I had a unique experience recently that opened my eyes to the vast potential of this incredible industry. Forget any misplaced idea that mlm is saturated. You and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of our immense industry!

I flew into Salt Lake City Utah for 3 days of consulting. The SLC airport is quiet and small, and I made excellent time out to the front curb where the taxi and limo stands were. I waved to the first cabby, and started loading my suit bag into his trunk. From somewhere behind me I heard an annoyed 'Hey, that's my cab'.

In a 'Seinfield-esque' New Yorker fashion I whirled like a dervish to face my accuser. I instantly adopted a combat- ready stance, the sneer on my face clearly communicating my readiness to argue my defense. There stood a gentleman in his late fifties, a salt and pepper beard shielding a weather-beaten visage. His look of concern over the temporary taxi crisis was readily visible.

Rather than stating my opening arguments, a switch clicked somewhere in the subconscious region of my brain, and I was surprised to hear my mouth say, 'I'm heading downtown to the Hotel Monaco. We can share the cab if you'd like.' I was raised not to talk to strangers. This was unusual behavior for me.

My question had the effect of a foam fire extinguisher on a kitchen grease fire. He nodded agreement and said sure. He threw his backpack in the trunk and we screamed off the curb towards the highway like a rattling rocket.

The conversation started almost immediately. He was just back from Las Vegas where he had been rock climbing. Unusually wet February weather forced him to cancel and fly back early. He was a commodities trader, and owned his own trading firm. My brain clicked, 'Player!'

As per usual when you ask someone, 'What do you do for a living?', they eventually ask you the crowd-favorite, 'So what about you?'

I tried my classic one-liners about being a Diversified Income Specialist, and a Multiple Streams of Income Consultant. They fell on blank stares. Eventually I said I bought a multi-level vitamin distributorship 7 years ago for 500 bucks, and today it does 5 million in sales in 12 countries.

That statement lit his fuse! He began to question me about vitamins, franchising, master territories, etc. I soon realized that he had absolutely no idea what multi-level marketing was! I began to recite a laundry list of a dozen MLM companies in Utah. None ran a bell! He had no idea what I was talking about!

At that moment I had a surreal feeling, and began to look around to make sure I wasn't on Candid Camera! Here I was in a cab in Salt Lake City Utah, the most highly dense mlm hotbed, the 'Silicon Valley' of network marketing, and this very successful entrepreneur had never been prospected, ever! A true mlm virgin!

Statistically there are over 175 million adults in North America who have never been involved in MLM. Rather than retreading the 9 million who have, why not focus 10 hours per week on finding fresh, eager people who are searching for additional sources of income? Would that not be a better use of your time?

Oh yes, and by the way, the rock-climbing commodities trader is in the pipeline...

Until next time,

David Ledoux
Massive Marketer


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