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Power Prospecting for Aces

Power Prospecting for Aces

by Joseph S. Rubino, D.M.D. and Thomas Ventullo, D.M.D

Network Marketing certainly is the “People´s Franchise.” The opportunity to succeed in our industry is open to all players regardless of educational, social or economic background. In fact, anyone can be a winner in our business.

And the surest way to win the Network Marketing game is with a handful of “Aces”. In addition to offering the opportunity to everyone we meet, we want to be on the lookout for those business-building leaders we´re calling “Aces.”

Here´s what they look like.


These are people who have influence over others. It´s not just that these people have their own circles of influence, Aces are centers of influence; men and women who are looked up to in the community or business organization. A positive recommendation from such a person carries a lot of weight.


We all have varying degrees of credibility with our peers. If our friends and associates value our opinion, we can expect to have our personal recommendation well received by them. Whether it´s a good book, a great restaurant or a visible opportunity to secure a future residual income, having credibility with people puts persuasive power at such a person´s disposal.


There´s just no substitute for enthusiasm that “I Am Sold Myself” (IASM) quality that makes people irresistible to others. Enthusiastic people have a contagious quality as well. It seems that the people around them catch whatever it is they´ve got. Enthusiastic people are not always Aces, but Aces are always enthusiastic people.


A person who has developed success in any one area of life generally has formed positive habits that will contribute to creating success in other areas. Again, anyone can succeed in network marketing - but most successful leaders already know how empowering others leads to even more success. They make perfect Aces for our business.

There are other qualities that define network Marketing Aces: Action, Commitment, Excellence and Service are favorites of ours.

The glue that holds all these characteristics together is belief, the unshakable conviction that success is inevitable. This means not only belief in the products and the company, but also belief in yourself - a belief that you are successful. When your self-image is bigger than your current reality, that translates into the kind of self-motivation that generates powerful accomplishment.

If you knew for a fact that everyone you prospected would earn at least $1000 per month - guaranteed - that empowering belief would translate directly into positive action. There would be no hesitation on your part. You´d prospect everyone you met!

And guess what? Everyone you prospect can earn $1000 a month in Network Marketing. All they need to do is get into Action.

Having a Bias for Action

Taking Action is what makes the difference between success and failure. The ability to take Action is true power.

We define power as the ability to bring into existence with velocity that which didn´t exist before. Everyone has this potential to be powerful, it´s not magic. It´s simply the ability to take Action.

Most people we´ve seen who resist or avoid taking Action do so out of their fear of failure. However, the truth is that any Action leads to a result. The result may not be the one you´re after, and you might interpret this as “failure.” But you need only to change the course of Action and you´ll generate a different result. If the result isn´t what you want, adjust your Action again and keep doing that until you achieve the result you´re after.

It´s like the old sailor who was asked, “If a man fell off this pier into the water, would he drown?” The wise man replied, “Falling into the water isn´t what makes someone drown; staying in the water does.”

The only way to fail in Network Marketing - or in life, for that matter - is to fail to take Action. And the truth is, any action will do. This “Bias for Action” is something every Ace possesses.

The Key Business-Building Action Is Sorting

We define “sorting” as a quality conversation in which you show your prospect the Action Plan for building the business. You may need to prospect five or more people to have one person engage fully in this conversation

With this in mind, a “Single daily Action” of sorting one person a day for 150 days - just five months - will result in having all the Aces you need to build a successful organization.

Now, you have to believe in these numbers. Here´s how they work out - remembering that you´re focusing on prospecting ACES: Authority Figures, with Credibility, Enthusiasm and Success.

This process will result in 25 to 50 people coming into your business. Out of these, about eight to 15 (roughly a third) will go on to do nothing with the business. They´ll try the products and go no further.

The next third (again, eight to 15 or so) will become users and recommenders of the products. These people will generate an income for you of between $200 to $1,000 a month in a mature organization

The final 33 percent will be your Aces. Let´s say there are only 6 of them. They should produce somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000 per month income for you. These are the people you work with to build your Network organization.

So, based on your identifying 6 out of 150 people as your Aces in 150 days, you´ll be creating partnerships with these people to duplicate your efforts. They, in turn, will create partnerships with 6 leaders or Aces of their own (and they´ll work with 150 people, one a day for 150 days, just as you did). In this scenario, your organization can be illustrated as follows:

1 1 1 1 1 1 (6 1st Level Leaders)
6 6 6 6 6 6 (36 2nd Level Leaders)

If each of your leaders sets a goal of $3,000 in product volume each month, based on a five percent (8%) commission, this will generate a monthly commission for you of $10,080 (42 x $3,000 x 8%). And this doesn´t include any other income generated by all the other users and recommenders in your organization.

The Partnership Principle

The biggest factor in building such a powerful, duplicable Network organization is partnership. When your sorting conversation is set in the context of establishing partnership, you transform the typical unspoken interpretation in the prospect´s mind that has you saying ”Please come into my business so you can make me lots of money...” (which is also known as “begging”) into, “Work with me and together we will guarantee your success.”

Can you see how much more power and attraction you have for people when they see you as offering a team joining forces to achieve every individual´s goals of personal and financial freedom? It´s powerful!

Partnershipping means giving 100 percent. Partnership is about making the other person great. The most enduring (and rewarding) of all the laws of the success states, “The way to get all you want in life is to help other people get what they want.”


Commitment is that quality characterized by a decision to take action regardless of the obstacles. However, most people´s decisions are made out of convenience, not commitment. When obstacles arise, they quit and take another direction.

Anything worth pursuing has obstacles, problems and breakdowns. The bigger the goal, the more and bigger the obstacles that come with it. A commitment is a stand you take in spite of the obstacles you know you´ll encounter along the way. With commitment, problems become challenges for growth and expanded ability.

The way to maintain your commitment is to constantly return to the reason you (or your people) got into the business in the first place. This “why” is the source of your power, your ability to take action, and the real “cause” of your success.

More About Enthusiasm

To the degree that you believe in your success and you are committed to your “why,” you will be enthusiastic. Others need to share your excitement about the possibilities of your opportunity.

You need to be on fire with enthusiasm, so that people around you catch fire as well.When you mix enthusiasm and geometric progression together, you create a chemical reaction that leads to an explosion of success.

And Goal Setting, Too

Your goals are the milestones that keep you in touch and on track. They´re the guideposts by which you measure your performance and make adjustments in your Actions.

A logical progression of small goals that you can successfully accomplish makes even the most awesome ultimate goal achievable. Each accomplishment helps you build momentum, so you never have to start from scratch.

That´s why we focus on prospecting Aces and the Single Daily Action of one person each day for 150 days. Everybody can have one conversation a day, and in just five months, you will have created the foundation for building a business that´s guaranteed to produce a handsome six-figure annual income.

Really? (Yes, Really!)

This plan isn´t just a theory of ours. It´s the plan of Action we designed and implemented to build our business. One person a day, for five months - Power Prospecting for Aces - has taken us to the top of our compensation plan in record time. It will do the same for you, too.

When you´ve got a handful of Aces, you´re a winner. When you can partner with others and show them how to have the same winning hand, you´re a master of the Network Marketing game.


Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed trainer, author, success coach and the CEO of The Center For Personal Reinvention, an organization that provides personal and group coaching as well as productivity and leadership development courses. He was featured on the cover of Success Magazine and in the cover story, We Create Millionaires, because of his ability to champion others to succeed. Joe is the author of the best sellers, Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Organization from a Guy Who's Been There, Done That and Shows You How To Do It Too, The Magic Lantern: A Fable about Leadership, Personal Excellence, and Empowerment, and, most recently, The Power To Succeed: 30 Principles For Maximizing Your Personal Effectiveness, Book I and The Power To Succeed: More Principles For Powerful Living, Book II. For information about The Center for Personal Reinvention and its services or to order any of Dr. Rubino´s books, visit . To contact Dr. Joe about the possibility of hiring him as your personal success coach, email: or call 800-999-9551 ext 870.



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