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Building a Strong Downline Organization
Copyright ? Tanner Larsson

The goal of this article is to outline the steps needed to develop a powerful downline organization that will grow exponentially with your superior skills.

Basic Theories


The fundamental theory behind network marketing is duplication. The definition of duplication in its most basic form is teaching someone else how to do what you did. If you show a few people how to sell a little and they sell some, then they teach a few people to sell and they sell a few, and so on, you'll eventually sell a lot! Success in network marketing comes through the combined effort of others. You can't do it alone. Understanding and accepting this principal is the key to your prospering in MLM. Achieving a large, growing, long-term residual income is dependent on one thing: finding and developing leaders who duplicate your efforts.

A person who does moderate personal production, but develops eight leaders in separate legs, will retire wealthy. A person with huge personal production, but who never develops a single leader will have only an average income.

Ask yourself: "If my downline does what I do today, how much money will I make?"

The Four Steps of Duplication
1. Training - Help your reps master the basic training.
2. Organization - They apply the basic training and their organization starts to grow.
3. Speaking - Their organization is growing steadily and they learn how to give the presentations.
4. Leadership - they exhibit the qualities of becoming a good leader, and they are accepted into the leadership team.

Warm Market Business

Network marketing is primarily a warm market business. This means you deal with people you know. Do not cold market until you have totally exhausted your warm market. Representatives within a warm market tend to stay longer, than those acquired in cold markets. This is due to the fact that we convince the cold market prospect, whereas the warm market prospect draws from emotional contact and there is an emotional commitment. Plus, it is much easier to work with those you know, than those you don't know.

Stay in the System

Your companies system is designed to provide continuous support in the growth and development of new and potential leaders. Believe me your company wants you to succeed, because if you succeed then they succeed. In order for your group to become massive, you must move large numbers of people through your basic training system, giving each the opportunity for their own heart and true desire to shine. Realistically, if they don't stay active in the system long enough to leave a group behind, they haven't got a chance. To often, inexperienced people who are eager to "do their own thing" dart off and start their own meetings after seeing a successful presentation just down the block. These people have little concept of the work needed to build a successful organization or how to handle challenges, so they are short lived. Make your representatives walk before they run.

You must stay active IN the system as an example to your group and to build them correctly. You must do much more than simply tell them to stay must demonstrate it to them. If your people respect you and see your own consistent commitment to the team as well as your promotion and edification of others, they will follow suit and do the same. People do what you do, not what you say. Through the progression of time the true leaders will emerge. Do not let your organization dictate your income.

Find and Develop Leaders

Your primary goal is to find and develop leaders. One good leader will bring hundreds of representatives and possibly thousands of customers. Find and develop several leaders who will build the business independent of you.

Do not confuse production with leadership. If you are working everyday doing presentations, briefings, and trainings and getting good production, then you are a good leader. Good leaders rarely become millionaires. Great leaders, on the other hand, realize that the key to wealth is not merely doing good briefings and presentations, but having 100 good briefings and presentations going on weekly in your downline, duplicating your efforts.

Find the people with desire. Desire cannot be measured in job titles, college degrees, or past network marketing success. You can't measure heart. But, you can measure action... and action can show a person's heart and desire. Good character and eagerness to learn, being coachable and well-spoken, being fastidious and having a positive attitude. With those qualities you have a potential leader.

Do not search exclusively for "ready made" leaders who sign up today and bring a legion of 1,000 representatives tomorrow. They are an extreme rarity. The world is full however, of average everyday people with great desire, who are screaming at the world "I want to be somebody!" Master the art of finding and developing that human potential and you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Developing leaders takes time, skill and patience.

*You must watch a person fail before they succeed.

*You must encourage, even when great frustration might be appropriate.

*You must lead by example and prove a point when your words are simply not enough.

*You must be willing to forgive mistakes made in spite of your advice.

*You must be unwavering in your support and expectations of eventual greatness.

*You must always remain calm and respectful.

*You must constantly speak Vision, goals and action.

*Yours must be the highest commitment in your group, believing in others before they even believe in themselves.

Work Where You Are Deserved

Leaders work where they are deserved, not where they are needed. There is a HUGE difference between the two. In your career, you will meet many people who "need" your help to succeed. These people rarely achieve notable success and eventually blame a lack of support or lack of leadership for their own failings. Do not accept this blame internally or spend your time helping people who are always complaining to you.

Work where you are deserved. Potential leaders show desire through action and indicate serious intent to be successful. Work with those people, even if it means looking past people in the organization we may care about, but who have less potential. It can be a difficult decision, but it must be done.

It's a Game

In the end, it's all a game. Enjoy it! Certain people will be edified like legends. Some will speak before thousands of cheering people in major venues. Some will be like rockstars and become the envy of hundreds who will follow them and emulate them.



It is all a game! This organization, this industry consists of average, everyday, ordinary people who play their particular role in the game. If you are elevated and honored and praised, keep in mind all the time that this is done to offer hope and inspiration to the mass of people striving to reach your same position. Don't believe, even for a moment, that you have suddenly become gods gift to your company and somehow you are better than everyone else. Don't think that you have left everyone else behind. This is the place where even the best leaders plummet, where their downfall begins, because they believe the hype and forget to be humble. Don't ever forget that your true character will show through, especially when you are under the harsh, glaring lights of stardom. Your actions will speak louder than your words. And the fall can be very far, very steep, and very painful. Balance yourself well when you reach the pinnacle!

This is the time when you must fully understand the dynamics of edification and promotion. Great leaders never seek attention in order to get that "warm and fuzzy" feeling. Instead, they strategically give and get attention when it's appropriate to achieve a mutual goal. Always give more credit and edification than you get. Keep it real and genuine. Inspire new people to action and make your spot seem attainable to them. Give even the most ordinary person the attention you are now receiving. Make everyone special.

Remember, respect is earned. It cannot be demanded. Treat others with the utmost respect and they will honor you for it.

"Every great achievment is the story of a flaming heart." - Harry S. Truman

"It's not what you have. It's what you do with what you have." - Jim Rohn

Tanner Larsson is a veteran entrepreneur and the publisher of the award winning Work At Home Success Newsletter. Subscribe to his newsletter and recieve 4 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses valued at $276.


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