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The Boring "Secret" To Success

The Boring "Secret" To Success
by James Garrison

I'm going to reveal the "secret" here to being successful at on-line network marketing. But I want to warn you that is not magic and in fact you may be disappointed to find out that the "secret" is really quite boring.

First let me tell you why most people fail to make money at MLM or network marketing programs on the Internet. As you read this see if it describes you. John sees a site on the Internet promising quick income if he can sign up 3 friends that also sign up 3 friends. He joins, sends ads out to safelists and a few friends, and gets 1 or 2 sign-ups after a couple of weeks. He looks at his commissions which are zero or maybe a couple of dollars after 2 weeks, decides the program doesn't work, and joins another. Then he joins another and another and after awhile can't remember which programs he has already joined and can't keep track of all the user ids and passwords.

I have people that e-mail me everyday saying that they think they joined the program I'm promoting sometime in the past but they can't remember. Or they join twice because they don't remember they just joined 2 weeks ago.

So here is the "secret" in one word: PERSEVERANCE

Let's look at another case: Jane sees a site on the Internet promising quick income if she can sign up 3 friends that also sign up 3 friends. She joins, sends ads out to safelists and a few friends, and gets 1 or 2 sign-ups after a couple of weeks. But she doesn't quit. She keeps plugging away at it only getting on average one sign up a week.

At the end of one year, she has 52 sign- ups. And she has followed up with the people she sponsored encouraging them to stick with it and sharing what she has found successful and each of them has signed up at least one each. And they in turn have done the same with their sign ups. Because Jane stuck it out and kept working with one program, at the end of one year she is earning a couple of hundred dollars per month. At the end of the second year, she is earning just over a thousand a month. By the end of the third year, it is her choice whether or not she continues to stay at her day job.

You need to find a *few* programs you believe in and keep plugging away at them month after month following up with your downline and motivating them to do the same. If you can't even remember if you joined a program or not, how can you seriously expect it to give you financial freedom?

Like I said there is nothing magic about it. And there is nothing magic about the Internet that makes building a business occur instantly - just like in the "real world" it takes time.

About the Author: James Garrison - Founder ManagedDownline is an advertising cooperative that recruits and builds the downlines of its members.



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