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Who Is Sick and Tired of Network Marketing
by Albin Dittli

The first network marketing program I joined was Forever Living. That was way back in the early 1980s. I was a failure in it. Just couldn't get people to come to meetings. One or two people did sign up, but then they did nothing. Eventually I dropped out.

Over the years I have tried several others. It was always the same story. My friends and family were not interested. If someone did sign up, they did nothing.

Some of the companies went out of business.

I have no idea of how much money and time I put into all those programs over the last twenty plus years. However, it was a fair amount.

Probably the main reason I failed is because it is very hard to motivate myself to do something I don't enjoy doing. Being shy by nature, I don't like to approach strangers about a business opportunity.

The truth is I'm not a natural networker. I'm not good at schmoozing and talking people into doing things I want them to do. I'm too upfront and honest for my own good.

So why am I back in network marketing?

Well, I always wanted to be a stay-at-home dad. Network marketing is a good way to do it, for some people.

Looking back, its obvious that OFFLINE network marketing is not for me. I know people that are great at it, but I am not one of them. If you are good at offline marketing, go for it.

I'm simply not comfortable with many of the offline methods that are used to recruit people.

However, I'm managing to do a decent job of building my organization in a few network marketing companies. I work on building my organizations each day and enjoy doing so. So what has changed? Why am I now being successful?

The answer is in changing from OFFLINE to ONLINE. The Internet has completely changed the way I, and millions of other people, do network marketing. I love the Internet.

With the Internet you dont have to use the phone or talk face to face to family, friends, and total strangers about your company. Instead you use things like opt in mail lists to approach people that may be half way around the world.

You use search engines, pay per click, and traffic sites to bring people to your site instead of trying to talk to total strangers in the grocery store.

You can write reports and articles, contribute to forums, and create your own web site offering useful information.

You may find that you greatly enjoy some of these tools that are available to you through the Internet. I am finding that I like to write articles. Several webmasters have asked me for permission to post some of my articles on their web sites. This helps with both link popularity and increased traffic.

And if you need to get more information on some marketing subject, you can always find several ebooks on it. Many for free. The cost of knowledge online is usually considerable less then the cost offline. (The cost of online marketing is also less then the cost offline).

Learn about the various marketing tools available on the Internet. Test them and use them. In time you will find one or two that you like better then the others. Start becoming really good with them. Then become an expert with them.

As you become good with a tool you will start enjoying using that tool. And as that happens you will become more and more successful in your marketing.

We are usually successful at something when we enjoy doing it.

Internet network marketing is, for me, a great way to be a stay at home dad. It can be a great way for you to be a successful stay at home netpreneur.

You may freely distribute this article, post it to your or other web sites (where permitted), and publish it in an ezine, as long as you keep the resource box as is with the article.

About the Author: Albin Dittli is the owner of, where you can get free content and your very own money making website that is 100% ready to take orders and pull in massive profits for you immediately. You can subscribe to his free eBiz Marketing Tips ezine by sending an email to



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