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What is MLM (or Network Marketing)
and Why is it Such a Great Business Choice?

MLM (Network Marketing) is a Great Choice For a Home Based Business Opportunity

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MLM (Network Marketing) is a Great Choice For a Home Based Business Opportunity!

A recent survey by MarketWave indicated that 85% of all Americans want to start their own home based business. When asked why they didn't pursue this dream, the most common answers were: it took too much money, it took too much time, it involved too much risk, or they didn't know how to start a home based business.

One of the big goals of our site is to show the average person that they CAN pursue their dream of a home based business online, and provide them with the information and training they need to do that. Some of the big advantages of having a home based business are:

A Home Based Business Means No Boss watching over your shoulder or telling you how to do your work. You get to decide how to structure your work day, how to approach each task, the quality of your work, what gets highest priority. You can specialize in areas that most interest you, which you can't do with most jobs.

A Home Based Business Provides More Security: Contrary to what many people believe, self- employment offers more security than most corporate jobs these days. There are no layoffs, no downsizing, no forced reassignments, etc.

A Home Based Business is More Flexible: You can structure your day to work the hours you want, thus making your work fit in better with your lifestyle and family responsibilities. You can also work during the hours when you are most productive, rather than the typical 9-5 of the corporate world.

A Home Based Business Means no lost time and extra expense commuting.

A Home Based Business provides many more tax deductions, such as: home office deduction, car expense, medical insurance, part of your phone and entertainment expenses, travel and education expenses, etc. If you incorporate, there are even better tax benefits. The corporation can buy you medical insurance, a car, etc., and deduct it as an expense.

A Home Based Business allows a much more generous retirement plan: With an SEP IRA or Keogh plan, you can deduct a higher percentage of your business profits than you could with a typical 401K plan.

A Small, Home Based Business can respond much more quickly to change in the marketplace than a large corporation.

A Home Based Business Means Less Stress: You have more control over your work than you do when working for someone else. You don't have difficult co-workers or bosses to deal with, no office politics, no rush hour traffic to confront coming and going, no hustle and bustle and constant noise in your work environment, no constant interruptions.

A Home Based Business Provides More Chance to Achieve Your Potential since you get to create your specialty and work at it as hard as you want, unlike working to someone else's standards or under their time constraints. And when YOU get credit for the work and it is what puts money in your pocket, you have much more pride in what you do and much more incentive to do it well.

A Home Based Business Generates LessOverhead Costs Expenses are much lower than renting commercial office space. That means you can be turning a profit much sooner.

A Home Based Business Means No Glass Ceiling for income or achievement. The sky is the limit!

Existing skills, interests, and hobbies can be turned into a A Home Based Business.

There are many additional benefits to an MLM opportunity over other types of home based business opportunities, including the following:

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity has Low Start-up Costs: generally one can become a distributor for an MLM company and get their introductory sales kit for less than $100. Most businesses require thousands of dollars in start-up capital.

MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Requires No Expensive Training : successful network marketers simply "share" their products and business opportunity with others. The most important skills are "people" skills.

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Provides Self-employment, but ties to an established company (the best of both worlds): MLM distributors work for themselves from their own homes during the hours that they choose. That means that they can be flexible and fit their business in with family responsibilities, as well as do it part-time in conjunction with a full-time job. Network marketers get to "create" their business any way they like and do it the way that works best for them, not someone overseeing their every move!

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Requires No Expensive Tools: Many very successful network marketers have nothing fancier than a phone in their home offices, and they make thousands of dollars a month. Others make use of computers, fax machines, and other modern technological tools to advance their business. But again, MLM is a "people" business, not a technical business. Those who are most successful concentrate on their people skills, no matter what technology they use to find good prospects and contact their downline.

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Means Your MLM Company Drop-ships the Product: That means that you don't have to buy lots of product and find a place to stock it. You can take orders from your customers and the company dropships it for you!

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Provides Residual Income: This is one of the major benefits of a network marketing opportunity. You don't just profit from your own sales, but also from the sales of your downline.

You don't have to keep finding more and more customers just to maintain your income. Most MLM distributors are required to make a set product purchase each month to maintain their distributorship, as is everyone in their downline.

Commissions are paid on these purchases. Once you've recruited one person in the opportunity, then, you continue receiving monthly commissions on their membership month after month, as long as they stay with the company. You don't have to sell to them over and over again. That means that you can easily increase your home based business income every month by finding NEW distributors to add to your organization.

On top of that, you earn on what your downline does, even when you have months that you don't put in as many hours of work. With a large organization, most of the commission income will come from the work of others. This is FAR superior to being paid an hourly wage and losing your income when you don't work. An MLM home based business pays you far into the future for the work you have done in the past. And all the work you do with your downline in training pays off in future months as they make more and more sales and build their own organizations.

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Can Be Worked Part-time: It is the perfect solution for many people who work a full-time job, but still don't make enough income. Earning some extra money from an MLM opportunity allows them to fill in the gaps during their free time. Or, it allows people to start a home business while working an existing job, then quit when their income equals their job income. This cuts down the risk of starting a home business considerably.

MLM Companies Provide their Distributors with Sales Materials, Training Materials, and a Business Plan: That means that you don't have to create those things yourself, as you would with so many home based businesses. This allows you to get started almost immediately with a plan that is already working for others.

With An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity, You are a Part of a Team: The person who recruited you is your "sponsor" and a member of your upline. They are a business partner and it is their job to train you and help you build your business. You don't have to do it alone, as you would with so many business opportunities. If you have questions, or you have areas that you are not yet skilled in, your sponsor can help you.

Presumably, the people in your upline are already successfully building their own MLM home based business, so they already know exactly how to do it and can show you and get you up- to-speed quickly. This is what is known in the industry as "duplication:" showing your partners how to do exactly what you are doing. With MLM, it is in your sponsor's best interests to help you succeed, since they are also paid a percentage of the sales in your organization. It is an old MLM adage that "I'm only as successful as my downline."

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Enhances Personal Growth and Development: Because it is a "people" business and builds networking skills, it also enhances your personal life in all these areas.

An MLM Home Based Business Opportunity Allows Early Retirement: As an MLM distributor, it is possible to work for a few years building a large sales organization (downline), building large residual income, than retire and continue to receive the residual income indefinitely.

This site is jam-packed with the training, tools, and resources you need to be successful in building an MLM home based business. We have in-depth information on all the various aspects of building a full-time MLM business: prospecting, marketing, follow up, building a downline, motivating and training your downline, choosing the right MLM company to represent, setting up an automatic recruiting system for you and your downline, email marketing techniques, and creating multiple streams of income in a synergistic fashion that creates more income without more work.


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